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This is a collection of "stubborn songs" and "old friends." Those ideas that you work on but never quite get into that groove, or it evolves into something you don’t like. So you put it down, and work on it another day. And you fail. Again. And again.

Years of rinsing and repeating until one day, whether by chance or musical maturity, something clicks; it all makes sense. The song is finished in 15 minutes, after decades of fighting.

Then there are songs that were written but, for one reason or another, never made it onto tape. Maybe the song didn’t fit the EP project, maybe it was forgotten for a time, or perhaps it was considered “hard to capture that vibe on a track.”

All of these were either written, arranged or recorded during the past two years as a way of keeping myself busy amidst a very uncertain world. These past two years have been rough (and that's being kind), but there has been a lot of hope to cling to. I hope that comes through in this latest collection.


released April 1, 2022

Mastered by Jen Tonon / Little Jay Media
All songs written by Jonathan Moody
And So It Goes writen by Billy Joel
Copyright 2022 Monjoody Music (ASCAP)